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Summer Sewing Camp - Summer 2017

Welcome to Summer Sewing Camp.

Our children camps are for ages 8 and up. Students will be introduced to the world of sewing through a variety of projects designed for their camp and learn how to operate a sewing machine safely. In addition to sewing our goal is for them to not just be introduced to sewing, but to also include creative thinking, team work and work on their fine motor skills.

Each day will begin with a short demonstration and practice a sewing or design technique followed by working on their sewing projects. We will break for a snack provided by camp and then continue the morning by finishing our projects. Some projects may be finished on the following day. Please make sure that your child attends each day of camp to assure they complete all their projects.

It is recommended that students come to camp prepared by sleeping well the night before and having a healthy morning breakfast.

The students do not need to bring any sewing supplies this year they will all be provided including our Juki sewing machines.

We look forward to an awesome summer loaded with tons of creative memories and new friends.


Summer Camp Registration

Please fill out the form completely.

Pick up/Drop off Time: Gigi’s Camp and it’s instructors are not responsible for providing before or after class care for students. Parent or Guardian is required to drop off the student no earlier than 5 minutes prior to class and must pick student up no later than end time of each class or camp day.

Student Behavior: Students are expected to behave respectfully to instructors, other students, themselves as well as the camp property and surrounding environment. Students displaying disrespectful behavior or class disruptions will be given a verbal warning and the parents will be notified. If behavior continues, the student will forfeit their camp week and be asked to leave. No camp refunds will be given.

Injuries: Parents, legal guardians of minors, students and adult students waive the right to any legal action for any injury sustained on or around property resulting from any activity conducted by the students before,during, or after class time.

While there is risk of injury while using some of the equipment, such as sewing machines, scissors and hot irons, there will be constant monitoring of the students and we will go over safety procedures each morning.

Photo Release: Gigi’s Camp and its instructors are hereby granted permission to take
photographs of the students to use in brochures, web sites, posters, advertisements and other promotional materials the camp creates. If you do not want your child photographed please let us know.

I have read and understand the above policies and procedures and agree to abide by them

Signature for Polices & Procedures