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HALYARD H600 medical fabric. 

The Halyard material, which comes in a variety of sizes is typically discarded after surgical instrument are uncovered. 
About 12 masks can be made from one sheet (29x29), and an estimated 500 to 1,000 sheets are likely available from hospitals.
To read more about this incredible material please read the article written by UF HEALTH anesthesiology team below.

University of Florida Article-
What an inspiring article...please read.
They are amazing. We are not affiliated with UF or Shands,
but we believe in their research.

Halyard Mask Instructions by Gigi's Fabric Shop Haylard Mask Tutorial
copper wire link HERE
uilters and Sewers might not be a professional mask company,
but we have big hearts and we love to give back to our community.
* if u have a new way, a new idea feel free to contact us.*

FAQ's on Haylard Mask:

  • DO NOT attempt to WASH THESE MASK please.
  •  The mask created with Haylard H600 medical fabric is NOT to be washed or lined with anything. It will be sanitized at the hospitals.
  • DO NOT IRON Haylard H600
  • HOW Do I get this MATERIAL:
- CALL YOUR LOCAL HOSPITAL AND ASK THEM TO RECYLE THE HALYARD H600 medical fabric from the operating room.
. Try to find from a medical supply company.

  • Where do I drop off in Tampa Bay Area? As of now Gigi's Fabric Shop is collecting them for Tampa General.
  • Please call 813-376-5015 to schedule drop offs. 
  • Our goal is to have drop off stations soon at hospitals. 
  • Is this the pattern to be used with cotton fabric? NO, this pattern is only to be used with the blue material fabric. 

I will continue to add more information on this page as it becomes available. 
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