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Shop Juki Sewing Machines at Juki Junkies.


Why choose Juki sewing machines?

Founded in 1945 and expanding to manufacture industrial sewing machines in 1953, Juki has been a leader in revolutionary advancements for sewers and quilters alike. A winner of the Deming Prize for quality, Juki is a leader in the worldwide sewing machine and serger markets and is extremely popular due to the innovative features, excellent stitch quality, and ease of operation
of its machines. As the leader in global industrial sewing, Juki now brings a home line of sewing machines and sergers that you can trust to perform with the perfection of their commercial machines.

At Gigi’s Fabric Shop, we believe that high quality is not just a goal to have, it is a way of life. After trying Juki sewing machines and knowing what a truly high quality sewing machine and serger feels like to sew on, we just can’t get enough!
We love our Juki machines so much we started JUKIJUNKIES.COM VISIT US HERE.