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Sewing Machine

Janome HD9, a new addition to the Professional Series.
Offering fast speeds and with seamless smart design, making it the perfect machine for sewing and quilting!
The all-metal flatbed large flat bed area is 8.86 inches x 5.51 inches. She is a heavy duty machine!


 Our Favorite Features:

-Heavy Weight Thread Guide- Increases thread control for heavy duty fabrics and heavy weight thread.

-1.4 Times larger bobbin

-8 Ball bearings- increased stability and smoothness giving high performance.
-1600SPM- faster than competitors home use market
-Independent Bobbin winder motor
- 6 LED lights
-Fully Adjustable Presser foot
-Variable Speed Control

-HD9 is compatible with Japanese Industrial Standard feet.

It's an excellent machine for quilting, garment sewing, leather making
and heavy duty sewing.
Please ask us about the additional foot kits available: leather kit, garment kit and ruler quilting kit.

Dreaming about having a smaller longarm frame?

Introducing the Q-Zone Hoop Frame
Pair up the HD9 Professional

Q -Zone Hoop Frame benefits
-4 1/2 foot wide
Welded Steel
Easy to Use Hoop Frame
Light frame construction
Table inserts underneath carriage
Laser included
Ratcheting clamps-maintains tension
Up to 19 inch machine can be used

The Grace SureStitch

The Grace SureStitch is both a stitch regulator and constant stitch speed control. In Stitch Regulation mode, it takes advantage of your machines full range of speeds. As you speed up and slow down, so will your machine, keeping all of your stitches the same length. When used as speed control, the SureStitch lets you adjust the speed of your sewing machine with the push of a button.

The SureStitch comes with constant contact sensor design for superior stitch accuracy and is cross compatible with multiple machines and quilting frames. The digital speed display, tie-off button, on/off switch, and stitch speed button +/- give you precise control at your fingertips.

Call Gigi's Fabric Shop today to see the Janome HD9 Professional and the Q-Zone Frame. We are located in Brandon, Florida on the outskirts of Tampa.
813-661-9000 Ask for Gigi
The HD9 makes a great quilting sewing machine, garment sewing machine and heavy duty professional machine.

The Janome  MC 6700 Professional
The WORKHORSE of Janome!
Introducing the MC6700P. This machine has a large sewing area with 10 inches (255mm) to the right of the needle along with 1200 SPM (stitches per minute) of straight stitch speed for professional grade performance in a convenient, top-loading bobbin. It has a full metal frame and vibration suppression system to ensure pleasurable, smooth and high performance sewing.

Our Favorite Features:
AcuFeed Flex™

Janome's exclusive AcuFeed Flex™ fabric feeding system moves layers of your project together under the needle with perfect precision from both the top and bottom. This feature works great for everything from piecing to hemming to quilting and any sewing requiring precise control.

-sewing speed of 1,200 SPM
LCD Screen

A clear, bright and information-rich 3.6 inch LCD screen provides a clear view of sewing conditions. View stitch selection, suggested sewing foot, recommended tension and foot pressure settings, and feed dog position (up/down) at a glance. Easy to read and adjust.

One-Step Needle Plate Change

When using one of the three stitch plates that come with the 6700P, it's easy to change out with One-Step Needle Plate Conversion. Simply push the lever to release the plate and snap a new plate in place with no screws or tools necessary.

-Superior Needle Threader

Threading can't get any easier. Set your thread, push the lever, release and sew. The Superior Needle Threader's advanced design feeds the thread through the eye of the needle with precision and accuracy every time.

The Janome MC6700P lightning is a fantastic feature. True white lightning.

For more information follow this link or call Gigi to set an appointment for a test ride that we promise will impress . 813-661-9000

Janome 4120QDC

Style follows substance in this well equipped & intuitively designed Janome 4120QDC-B, with sturdy construction and stable feeding. Loaded with useful features to take your sewing & quilting to the next level, you get 120 stitches, twin-needle functionality, superior editing and mirror stitching - as just a few of the cutting-edge features of this special machine. Your new Janome 4120QDC-B has the power, precision & convenience that you need to realize your creative potential.

Please visit our store or make an appointment to sit and test the 4120QDC-B 813-661-9000