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  Janome A Foot 9mm Foot Part No. 859802006

Get the job done with the most valuable foot. The “A” foot is that very first foot you will use for your projects.
It helps tackle straight stitches and zig zags with ease.
The unique Black Leveling Button on the side will help you over the hump when sewing over thick seams. 

So, what so cool about this A foot? 

I’ll tell you what I love. It’s the clear view window that opens world of “peeking” prior to taking that
leap of the first stitch and while sewing. This a great feature that allows you to be precise and pay
attention to the detail deserved while sewing. 

Now, let’s talk about the feature that often sewers forget to use. It’s the “black knob” at the back of the foot. 
The purpose of this feature is to secure the foot at a right angle so you can sew on and off while sewing
thicker fabrics without the foot tilting back. It helps you keep the foot stationary which helps with the stitching you need.
If this black button wasn’t around you might get stitches a bit wonky or skip a stitch or two due to the thickness.
Make sure your presser foot is in the DOWN posotion, then gently push the black knob in until you hear it click.
You can now sew your project. Once you raise the presser foot into the UP position – the black knob automatically disengages.
Let me know if you need any help!