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 Gigi’s Longarm Quilting Service

     Professional Longarm quilting service with perfect stitching every time!

We are glad you are here! We machine quilt as if it was our own.
Gigi’s Fabric Shop is a family owned business located in Brandon, Florida. We service the Greater Tampa area and you can also send us your quilt. We will machine quilt it and mail it back to you, to show off. * mailing directions below

We specialize in EDGE to EDGE quilting on our Handi Quilter Forte with our Pro Stitcher computerization program by our trained quilters.
*Quilting creations are available up to
130” wide with edge to edge designs.
*We have a large variety of designs to choose from.  
The Cost is: 2 - 3 cents per square inch.
*Our threads consist of only high quality threads.
We carry Glide, and Omni

*We include with our services, Quilter’s Dream Batting, 80/20 (80% cotton & 20% polyester), 100% cotton or 100% wool

*We can provide a wide range of options to complete your quilting projects.

Let’s get started!  Please read
“Preparing your quilt top for the Longarm”

Preparing your quilt top for the Longarm

What’s the 1st. Step?
Preparing Quilt Top:

-   Quilt top should be trimmed down to the final finished size.  
We will not cut or trim your quilt top.
We only trim the quilt once the quilting process is finished at no charge.
Quilt tops should be well pressed.
Quilt tops should be squared up prior to check in.
Trim all loose threads on the top and underside of your quilt top.
Praire points, flanges, pleats or any dimensional elements are basted down.
Inspect for any seams which have come loose.
Indicate the top and center of your quilt with a note. (this is the Top of the quilt/This is the center)
If you have many seams along the outer edge please stay stitch an 1/8 of inch all around.

What’s the 2nd. Step?
Preparing The Backing:

Backing fabric is well pressed with seams pressed open.
Backing fabric MUST be a min. of 10 inches longer and 10 inches wider than the quilt top. Meaning if your top is 60" x 70" we need your backing to be 70" x 80”
All edges should be even.

What’s the 3rd. Step?
Label it! Identify it!

Attach to your quilt top a paper note with the following: name, phone #, size of quilt, size of backing and your preferred deadline date. Please write it neatly.
Place your quilt top folded unto a hanger.
Place your quilt back folded unto another hanger.
Tag your quilt back too with your full name too.

Let’s talk about success!
Oh, Please Don’t:

Please do not DO NOT layer your quilt top, batting and backing together.
Please do not baste the layers in any way.

Oh, Please Do:

Please review our quilt patterns before you drop off so you have an idea of what you would like. We are happy to discuss with you the density and size of your pattern. Don’t see it? We are happy discuss optional patterns.

What’s the Cost?
Edge to Edge Designs:

We have a variety of edge to edge designs to choose from.

-  If you prefer a different design we have additional options to choose   from. The cost is $15 to order.

Pricing starts at .02 per square inch and goes up to .03. cents a square inch.
Price includes solid thread and batting. Variegated threads are an additional $5.00 fee. Price includes batting.

We Include Your Batting

We carry Quilter's Dream batting on rolls. We keep Quilters Dream Select Cotton, 80/20 Cotton/Poly blend, 100% Cotton and wool.
We believe in the quality of Quilters Dream batting as it’s done well for us for years.

How to avoid add’l cost?

Please read carefully all of our guidelines above to ensure there will be no additional add on charges or delays. If we have to stop to piece, trim, or square your project, it will cause delays and additional charges. We are happy to complete the prep work for you, but add-on charges will apply.

Some of the most common things we have seen are:

Sewing of seams that came loose, adding leaders to backing because backing is not long or wide enough, and sew backing together.

Additional Services & Add ons:

Squaring backing:  $10.00
Pressing: $10.00
Piecing back:  (per seam} $10.00
Additional Pieces for backing. $10.00 per strip
Removal of Embellishments: Priced determined at time of service
Binding is $.40 per linear inch, plus the cost of fabric. Binding is machine applied.
Hand Binding is extra

Binding Services:

We also offer whole binding, where we do it all for you.Cutting and piecing the binding is included in the price - you just supply the fabric!
Cost is $.30 per linear inch.

Rush that quilt!:
Rush Fees: (less than 14 days) ................. $50.00

Let’s Calculate the cost!

How to calculate longarm services:
Length x Width = Square inches
Square inches x price per square in. = cost
Quilt measures 50 x 70
60” x 60” = 3500”
3600” x .02 = $70.00

Minimum fee $50
SHIPPING instructions :
Please send to your quilt top and backing fabric to:
Gigi’s Fabric Shop
706 West Lumsden Road
Brandon, Florida 33511

Any questions please call 813-661-9000
We are located at La Viva Plaza in Brandon
706 West Lumsden Rd. Brandon, Fl. 33511