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  • Pattern for COTTON MASK

    The best pattern are the patterns that allow a pocket on the inside so that medical personnel can place a filter of their choice on the inside. 




Should I wash after I sew it?
Yes, please wash in HOT water and deliver in ziplock bags.

What Materials should I use: 
The best fabric for a homemade mask is a tightly woven, 100% cotton fabric. Avoid Knit fabrics such as jersey t-shirt fabric. 

Should I add any stabilizer? No

I don't have any elastic what to do I do? Make the mask...we have elastic come and go. As it becomes available we could add the elastic. 

Can I use cording in place of the elastic? No, that is too uncomfortable. 

Do you still have a need for me to make mask? Yes, until this virus is over we need mask.