Home Sewing Machine Service & Repair



Does your machine sound a little “cranky”? 


Is your machine skipping stitches, tension off, or  is it making some unusual noise?

Did you recently inherit an older machine? We can help!

Our experienced technician can diagnose most problems and all services are all done at our store.  We will inspect the machine for damages, worn parts, burrs, etc.


Annual professional cleanings are recommended. Preventive maintenance now can avert unplanned repairs later. A detailed inspection will be performed on your machine while in service. Including timing, tensions, proper pattern control and needle clearance. We will inspect for damage, worn parts, and burrs. We will clean and lubricate the machine as recommended. 


Finally, we will complete a comprehensive test on the machine to ensure that it’s in good, working order after servicing. Our experienced staff can assist you in evaluating the benefits of repair versus replacement. Diagnostic fees may be applied to machine repair or machine replacement.

Please bring your electric cord, foot pedal, bobbin and at least the straight stitch foot. A decorative foot when available too.

All repairs and maintenance services can take 3 days to 2 weeks approximately. Keep in mind when having to order parts there is a delay. Please plan accordingly so you can continue to sew at home.