After School Sewing Program


Our program is a continuous program focused on teaching our students how to develop their sewing skills while working together amongst their friends. 

This program is designed to be a 4 week Program (meeting once a week ) that will allow the student to work on on-going projects that will help them master a variety of skills such as: threading their own machines, reading patterns, color coordination, learning to use a variety of sewing tools, cutting, stitch consistency, appliqué work, terminology and more. Our sewing classes for children will help your child not only to learn to sew, but to also build their fine motor skills, tap in to their creative thinking, build their self esteem, boost their confidence, learn to work as a team and give them a gift of a lifetime. This is a hobby that will last forever.

Teachers: Our classes our taught by elementary teachers! We got this.

Classes meet once a week and you have the option of two days to choose from. Either Mondays class or Tuesdays.

If you are interested in joining us for our Sewing Lessons for either Monday or Tuesday you may register your child online or call our shop at 813-661-9000.
Please register by using your child's full name and your email address.

Ages: 8-15 If your child is close to turning 8 just gives us a call and we can discuss if your child is ready to jump in earlier than later.

Projects for 2017 September- December

Our main objective is for the student to learn a different skill with each project making them independent sewers.  The following techniques or skills will be mastered:

Week One: Mastering the Juki G220-threading, bobbin, what button is for what, changing out feet and trouble shooting. Machine part names. Start on first project. Reading pattern, understanding pattern and cutting pattern.

Week 2-3 Wee Mouse Tin: Hand stitch, Cutting and Understanding Patterns, Working with different materials. Pivoting.

Week 4 Pencil Case: Cut large pieces of fabric, follow pattern and learn to work with a zipper.

Ongoing Project: Embroidery Work


Week One -Three : Pumpkin Dog Wall Hanging: Applique work, working with layers, heat and bond application and binding.
Week Four: Open ( Let's see how far we are along on our Pumpkin Dog)

Ongoing Project: Hand Embroidery Sweet Otter


Week One- Two: Let's Quilt! Quiltlet: working with squares, basic quilting skills, binding and applique.
Week Three & Four:  Christmas Jar Cozies: Cutting, applique, mastering binding, free motion quilting.


Week One-Three Embroidered Elf Stocking: Each child will have the opportunity to design their embroidery pattern on the machine, thread new machine. Cut curves, work with multiple layer and precise stitching.